Cattle and Crops: Mission Documentation


This element defines the mission start. If all start conditions (mission/start/conditions) are fulfilled and the mission has started, all (mission/start/commands) will be executed.

world mit posX, posY, posZ, rotX, rotY, rotZ


You can optionally define a .wld instance that contains a trigger, which when activated (entered manually) starts the mission.

  • Defines a .wld resource that will be loaded as an instance before mission start, and which has to contain a trigger.
  • The trigger has to activate a script that, via the Start Mission script method, starts this mission.
  • Effectively, the mission will only be started when the trigger is entered.
  • Requires transform data (position posX, posY, posZ and rotation rotX, rotY, rotZ).
  • There will be no height raycast - the z position has to be set manually.

TODO: Beispiel WLD


Attribute Type Description
world string Path to the .wld
posX, posY, posz float X position, Y position, Z position
rotX, rotY, rotZ float x rotation, Y rotation, Z rotation


    <start world="path/to/little/house/on/the/prairie" posX="67.5" posY="-807.5" posZ="300" rotX="0" rotY="0" rotZ="-30.2">

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