Cattle and Crops: Mission Documentation


The mission definition .Defines how and where the mission is started, how it's completed, and if it can be replayed.

0 | 1 values: 0 equals false, 1 equals true


Attribute Type Value Description
type string generic | campaign | story | test | tutorial Defines the mission type
Default: generic
visible integer 0 | 1 Defines if this mission is to be listed in the mission overview in the quest menu
Default: 1
observable integer 0 | 1 Defines is this missioned can be tracked
Default: 0
restartable integer 0 | 1 Defines is this mission can be restarted
Default: 0
autostart integer 0 | 1 1: The mission will be started automatically as soon as all start conditions (start/conditions) are fulfilled. The player does not have to explicitly accept the mission start.
0: The mission start has to be accepted by the user. All start conditions have to be fulfilled.
Default: 0
autostop integer 0 | 1 1: The mission will be ended autoamtically as soon as all stop conditions (stop/conditions) have been fulfilled.
0: The mission has to be ended manually by the player.
Default: 0
silentstart integer 0 | 1 1: Mission is started without a popup.
0: Mission is started with a popup.
Default: 0
silentstop integer 0 | 1 1: Mission is ended without a popup.
0: Mission is ended with a popup.
Default: 0
drawMode string multi | active | single Defines how the stop conditions are displayed in the MissionInfoWindow.
multi: All conditions are shown, independently if they have been fulfilled or not.
active: Only active and completed conditions are shown. Amount can be limited with activeCount
single: Only the active condition is shown
Default: multi
activeCount integer > 0 Max number of visible conditions. Can only be used in conjuction with the active drawMode.
Default: 5
world string "" | path/to/world Defines the map in which the mission is available. If empty or left out, the mission is available in all maps (not recommended)
integer > 0 Approximate min and max duration of the mission, in minutes. Used for display in the mission menu


<mission type="story" visible="1" observable="0" autostart="1" autostop="0" restartable="0" silentstart="0" drawMode="active" world="path/to/map" minDuration="25" maxDuration="45">

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