Cattle and Crops: Mission Documentation


  • Conditions are the mission's separate required steps that have to be fulfilled one after another. They are defined in the wanted execution order.
  • Depending on the drawMode setting in the <mission>-Element, they are listed in the MissionInfoWindow in the top left corner of the screen.
  • They generally have at least one description text (description), but can display additional extended information (longer texts, images) in a separate window (<condition>/<window>).
  • Each condition has a type attribute (with often its own extended settings) that defines the condition for the fulfillment.
  • Each condition can execute one or multiple commands upon fulfillment. These are defined within a commands block within the condition.

General attributes

Condition text: stringId, description
  • stringId is the condition text's stringId (path in the translation table)
  • description is the condition text's fallback, which will be used when the entry defined in stringId can't be found.
Attribute Type Value Description
stringId string * Text stringId path
description string * Fallback text

Display in the condition window: action, makeWindowTopMost
  • action can optionally display the button or key of an assigned action, no matter if it matches the condition content or not.
  • makeWindowTopMost optionally defines if the MissionInfoWindow should be rendered in front of all other windows while the condition is active. Mostly necessary when a menu is open at the same time which would cover the condition text otherwise.
Attribute Type Value Description
(action) string **** (4 chars) The ID of the action to be shown
(makeWindowTopMost) integer 0 | 1 0: window will not be rendered in the foreground, 1: window will be rendered in the foreground
Default: 0, except when the type is widget

Markers: mpInstance, mpPosition, mpRotation, mpBoxOffset

A .wld instance can be defined that will be placed at a definied position. For example: a marker, a vehicle ghost, ...

Certain condition types have default markers at their target positions:

The mentioned types overwrite the set mpPosition with their own target position (e.g. posX,posY,posZ when using driveVehicle).

Optional: mpBox defines the size of all boxes within the instance (in the instance file the nodes of type BoxGeometry are resized to the supplied size). The pivot point of each box remains unchanged.

Attribute Type Value Description
mpInstance string [path] Path to the .wld instance
mpPosition float;float(;float) *;*;* | *;* x, y und z component of the target coordinate
mpRotation float [-360.0, 360.0] Instance rotation around z, in degrees
(mpBox) float;float;float >0;>0;>0 Size (x, y, z) for the box geometries within the instance
(mpBoxOffset) float;float;float *;*;* Position offset (x, y, z). The offset is added to the existing local position of the box.

If the original size of the box is smaller than the new size, the offset has to be subtracted per component from the position.

Sound: completeSound, noCompleteSound
  • completeSound optionally defines the path to a sound file that will be player upon fulfillment instead of the default sound.
  • noCompleteSound optionally defines if the completion sound should be skipped.
Attribute Type Value Description
(completeSound) string * Path to the sound file
(noCompleteSound) boolean true | false If true, NO sound is played
Default: false


    <!-- Regular condition with text -->
    <condition type="..." stringId="MISS-STP1" description="Step 1 Fallback Text" ... />

    <!-- Condition with text and command callback -->
    <condition type="..." stringId="MISS-STP2" description="Step 2 Fallback Text" ... >
            <command type="setMoney" money="12345">

    <!-- Condition that's rendered above all other windows -->
    <condition type="..." makeWindowTopMost="1" stringId="MISS-STP3" description="Step 3 Fallback Text" ... />

    <!-- Condition with custom completion sound -->
    <condition type="..." description="Step Fallback Text" completeSound="path/to/my/sound/file" ... />

    <!-- Condition with deactivated completion sound -->
    <condition type="..." noCompleteSound="true" ... />

    <!-- Condition with a custom action -->
    <condition type="..." action="lite" ... />

    <!-- Condition with a custom marker -->
    <condition type="..." mpInstance="path/to/my/marker" mpPosition="24.3;-701.0;3" mpRotation="123.4" mpBox="4;5;3" mpBoxOffset="0.73;-0.3;4.2" … />

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