Cattle and Crops: Mission Documentation

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This documentation describes all mission parameters and includes an example mission. General XML knowledge required.

Mission setup

At its fundamental level, a mission consists of three areas:

  1. start: Defines actions (<command />) that are executed automatically upon mission start. These can be, e.g.:
    • Spawning a vehicle
    • Setting a tank fill level
    • Defining ownership of fields
    • Setting a date
    • ...
  2. stop:
    1. Defines steps (<condition />) that must be completed by the player sequentially. These can be, e.g.:
      • Drive to the trader with vehicle X
      • Unfold implement Y
      • Buy 7 animals
      • Press a defined button in the menu
      • ...
    2. In addition, actions (<command />) can be defined that will be executed automatically when all steps have been completed.
  3. rewards: Defines rewards (<reward />) that the player will receive when the mission is completed. These can be, e.g.:
    • Money
    • Reputation
    • Vehicles
    • ...


<mission type="story" visible="1" observable="0" autostart="1" autostop="0" restartable="0" silentstart="0" drawMode="active" world="path/to/map" minDuration="25" maxDuration="45">
    <name stringId="MISS-EXMP-NAME">Mission fallback title</name>
    <description type="short" stringId="MISS-EXMP-DESC-SHOR">Short description fallback text</description>
    <description type="long" stringId="MISS-EXMP-DESC-LONG">Long description fallback text</description>

            <!-- Spawns a Claas Arion 530 at the vehicle trader -->
            <command type="spawnMachine" id="123" machine="machines/claas/arion530/arion530" spawnLocation="trader" />

            <!-- 1. Player must enter the Arion -->
            <condition type="enterVehicle" command="123" description="Enter the Claas Arion" />

            <!-- 2. Player must drive to the farm -->
            <condition type="driveVehicle" command="123" posX="456.7" posY="-991" description="Drive to your farm">
                    <!-- When the player arrives, the time will be forwarded by three days -->
                    <command type="forwardDate" days="3" duration="5000" />

            <!-- Field 13's acre is spet to plowed -->
            <command type="setAcre" fieldId="13" acre="plow" />

        <!-- The player receives 1234 Euros as a reward -->
        <reward type="money" money="1234" />

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